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Since 2010, PB Metal Fab (employee owned and operated) has been a premier source for quality parts and metal fabrication in the Midwestern states, dedicated to supplying our customers promptly with quality cost effective parts. Through the years, we've been investing in some of the best equipment available increasing our capability in the industry while undergoing many changes. We've refined our productivity but have always maintained one constant, that the company is totally customer driven. Whatever the customer wants is what we strive to achieve. An increase in business called for the construction, in 2012 ,of a new 40,000 square foot facility. Along with this, came the addition of a second laser enabling us to continue our growth and to better address increasing demand.

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Why PB Metal?

We have the ability, equipment, and facilities to manufacture your parts with precision. We want to earn your business!

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What Our Clients Say...

"PB Metal has been an excellent supplier for us for many years. They have excellent lead times, excellent pricing, and most importantly excellent quality. They are extremely easy to work with, having great flexibility when needed. I have been so impressed with their communication and their willingness to help ensure our business is successful, whether that's expediting parts, or quickly correcting parts that we may have had an issue with. Having PB Metal as a supplier has been a value add to our business. A strong recommendation!"
- Terree

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