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PB Metal Fab provides professional abrasive water jet cutting services with the Waterjet that is designed for unique customization and configuration. Some of the materials that can be cut include steel, copper, tungsten, aluminum, titanium, brass, bronze, zirconium, marble, granite, glass, plastics, and more! The waterjet can basically cut almost any material that comes through our door.

Some benefits of PB Metal Fab's Water Jet Cutting Service:

Cuts almost any material, thick or thin.

Extremely accurate cutting gives a high quality finished product.

The water jet cutting stream process produces fine detail.

Best Edge
The stream produces no heat and no stress, just a smooth edge.

3D Cutting
The machine is equipped with the Dynamic XD cutting head and is capable of cutting 3D parts with up to 60 degree motion.

Full 3D modeling and pathing for the machine using FlowCUT, FlowNEST, FlowXpert Design, FlowXpert Sequencer, and FlowPATH software.

Some Basic Specifications:

  • Repeatability: 0.001 in
  • Maximum Speed (Traverse): 1,400 ipm
  • Maximum Speed (Cut): 1,000 ipm
  • Table Size: 4x2 meter

Our Water Jet:

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A Few Examples:

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